Sylvie Mangaud

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Sylvie Mangaud, born in Paris, best known for her elegant bronze sculptures, characterized by unbridled imagination and sensitive emotions.

Interested in the human psychology and behavior, she studied two similar scientific disciplines – Graphology and Morphopsychology. Graphology is focused on analyzing characteristics and patterns of handwriting in order to identify the writer, while Morphopsychology studies a correspondence between human facial morphology and individual personality. At the same time she was attracted to expressing herself through art. These branches of science allowed the artist to examine the human psyche and to catch and include subtleties of the body in her sculptural work.

Although she was initially a photographer, Sylvie took some courses in drawing and sculptural work in various workshops. As a photographer, she learned the basics of composition, form and structure of the image. She shifted her artistic focus towards sculpture when photographic medium was not suitable enough to capture the expressions of the body Mangaud had imagined in her mind. Passionate about the body expression, Sylvie’s experience in the photographic field enabled her to seize the movement, dynamics and emotion in her sculptures that later emerged.